Service Benefits

  • Availability

    Plan-Net 24 provides law firms with the following:

    • Complete Service Plan-Net 24 provides a complete Service Desk in the cloud.
    • Out of Hours Support Plan-Net 24 operates every weekday, weekend and bank holiday and is available 24 hours a day.
    • Global Support Plan-Net 24 supports Partners & law firm offices in over 20 countries
    • Project support Plan-Net 24 provides project support both in terms of contingency support to handle increased volumes throughout a project and covering business-as-usual Service Desk demand whilst in-house teams deliver the project.
    • Merger support Plan-Net 24 provides additional capacity during consolidation activity in order to reduce disruption to staff.
  • Seamless Integration

    The service Plan-Net 24 delivers to each client is bespoke to ensure its business alignment. However, Plan-Net’s knowledge of the legal sector, its applications and the demands and working practices of its fee-earners enables a fast track and seamless integration that includes:

    • Service integration with your IT support model, systems and processes
    • Direct population of your Service Desk tool and knowledge-base in real-time
    • Fully secure remote access of your Service Desk tool
    • No duplicate or off-site data storage
  • Legal Sector Expertise

    Plan-Net has a long heritage of delivering IT services to the legal sector. We have helped many of the top 200 law firms to improve their IT capability and have built a strong understanding of the commercial pressures facing the legal sector and how these translate into IT challenges.

    Embedded in Plan-Net 24 is the following:

    • An understanding of legal business drivers and the IT challenges.
    • Technical knowledge of all major legal applications and systems.
    • High-end customer service levels and knowledge of the requirements of different end-user groups in law firms.
    • Understanding of the behavioural and cultural dynamics that operate in law firms.
  • Service Capability

    With Plan-Net’s strong track record in Managed Support Services and Service Management Consulting, Plan-Net 24 has been designed with the following features:

    • Aligned to Best Practice Service Management standards
    • Formal Continuous Service Improvement Programmes within the Service Desk
    • Continual training, development and performance reporting of Analysts
    • Monthly reporting against contractual service measures (SLAs) to each client

    Ultimately, this means you can expect high levels of customer service, response and resolution rates and a continually improving service from Plan-Net 24.